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Slow Motion Party Photo Booth

Videographer: Bevan Goldswain (Aila Images)

Makeup/Hair style: Svetlana Chikhireva / Светлана Чихирева

Slow Motion Wedding Photo Booth

Videographer: Bevan Goldswain (Aila Images)

Makeup/Hair style: Svetlana Chikhireva / Светлана Чихирева, Leanne Alamiri


Direction/Concept/Art direction/Styling: Anya OderyakovaEditing and Camera: Essica KleinMusic: Pikelet (Chapter Music)Models: Maxine and SamMakeup : Svetlana Chikhireva / Светлана Чихирева
Hair: Rebecca C Amoroso
Clothes: Alexandra Groover, Natalie Bouloux


[SYNC] THE RED is a fashion film directed by Nirma Madhoo for Fucking Young! Online, featuring the work of LCF designers Zhen Tian (BA Menswear) and Georgina Bellamy (BA Textile design).

Filming and Direction: Nirma Madhoo

Model: Abolade Bisbol Akintunde

Agency: Oxygen Models, London

Menswear: Zhen Tian

Textile Design: Georgina Bellamy

Lighting: Tora Alexandersen

Video assistants: Eliska Kyselkova and Kristiina Mannikko

Make-up and Hair artists: Svetlana Chikhireva / Светлана Чихирева and Lien Vy 

Editing: Nirma Madhoo and Harun Guler

Miss USSR UK 2015

Cover Shoot

Model: Miss USSR UK 2014 Oxana Slyahtitch 
​Photographer: Jarek Duk
Filmimg and editing: Christos Mitsios
Makeup and Hair: Svetlana Chikhireva / Светлана Чихирева​
Production Manager: Natasha Bo

Fashion TV teddy bears shoot

Photographer:Igor Alekseev
Assistent photographer: Eugene Shevlyakov
Cafe: "Bufet"
Makeup: Svetlana Chikhireva / Светлана Чихирева​
Hair stylist: Yuri Lanovlyuk
Model: Elina Kaminskaya

Demo Reel 2013

Videographer: Bevan Goldswain

Makeup/Hair style: Svetlana Chikhireva / Светлана Чихирева

Catrine 'Vremya'

Singer:  Catrine
Director: Teodor Tejik
Makeup: Svetlana Chikhireva / Светлана Чихирева​
Hair: Elena Yasenkova

Albam ‘Simple Life’

Art direction/Styling: Olivier Geraghty
Videography/Editor: Dom Fleming
Photographer: Eva K. Salvi
Model: Richard Reade
Mens grooming: Svetlana Chikhireva / Светлана Чихирева
Fashion Assistant: Josh Luke Murray


Odette/Odile: Maria Semenyachenko, a principal at the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich Danchenko Moscow Musical Theater, art director of ballet school "Antree".
Assistent photographer: Vladimir Skopitch
Photo Studio: "Motion"
Makeup: Svetlana Chikhireva / Светлана Чихирева​
Hair stylist: Irina Iva
Designer: Julia Ivanova​
Accessory designer: Nella Moskvitcheva
Idea, style, producer: Anna Belozor

Simple Life from Fresh Habits on Vimeo.

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